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Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith is a native of Southern California. He earned his Bachelors degree from U.C.L.A., his D.D.S. degree from U.O.P. School of Dentistry in San Francisco, and completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at University of Oregon in Portland. He was board certified in 1989 by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the Los Angeles Dental Society. Also, he serves on the editorial staff of the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry and the Southern California Society of Dentistry for Children.

Dr. Smith continues to challenge himself in every area of pediatric dental care, focusing on infant dental preventive care, laser applications, and esthetic dentistry for children. His dental cosmetic services for the entertainment industry in Hollywood are known throughout the country and have brought him numerous awards and accolades. Children are sent to his office from production companies in New York and Canada for his cosmetic services during the filming of feature films and television shows. Dr. Smith pioneered the concept of cosmetic dentistry for children, bringing national attention to the link between facial esthetics and developing self-awareness/self-esteem in patients.

A personal statement from Dr. Smith

My involvement in the entertainment business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Dentistry, by its nature, is a concealed art form. The creations of even the most masterful dentists remain hidden behind closed lips and seldom are they recognized or appreciated by others outside the field of dentistry. However, my artistic creations are almost instantly visible and often bring praise far beyond their due. I can say with real satisfaction that I was on the Full House crew, I was the dentist for a dozen or more Little Rascals, and that Drew Barrymore removed my teeth on the Johnny Carson Show. From Poltergeist to Stuart Little, and in hundreds of commercials and scores of television shows, my artwork made a difference.

The personal satisfaction extends beyond the artwork. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most entertaining and talented kids in the world. They have enriched my life in ways that can't be measured in dollars. Through these kids, I am constantly reminded of the virtues and promise of human nature. They are bright, they are mature, they have enthusiasm and confidence about life in general, and they have purpose in their lives.
Dr. Smith