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Dr. Smith's Office Address:
9201 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 200
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone:   (310) 273-5776
Fax:   (310) 275-5454

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Our office is located in West Hollywood on the western extension of Sunset Strip. The nearest major cross street is Doheny Drive just two blocks to the east. We are between two major freeways, the 405 (5 miles to the west) and the 101 (<5 miles to the east).

Picture of Dr. Smith's office building at 9201 Sunset Blvd.

Parking Tips

There is plenty of paid parking available in the building, but we do not offer validation. Parking in the building will be around $6 to $7 per hour

There are several other parking options:

Public Parking lot on 9056 Sunset Blvd

  • Southeast corner of Sunset Blvd & Doheny Drive, across the street from CitiBank
  • Lot open from 8am-2:30am Rate is $1 per hour.
  • ONLY 25 spots available

Passing Hillcrest Rd. on Doheny Rd

  • No parking anytime; 7pm-9pm
  • No Parking Tuesdays; 10am-12pm & more up the hill
  • No parking; 8am-6pm

Hillcrest Rd. between Doheny Rd. & Sunset Blvd

  • No parking night time; 7pm-7am
  • No parking Wednesdays; 10am-12pm & more up the hill
  • No parking anytime

Passing Sierra Alta Way on Doheny Rd

  • No night time parking; 7pm-7am
  • No parking 7am-12pm on Wednesdays & opposite side towards Sunset on Doheny Rd
  • No parking anytime

Sunset Hills Dr. towards Doheny Rd

  • 2 hour parking on both sides

Sunset Hills Dr. away from Doheny Rd

  • 2 hour parking; 8am-6pm; except Sunday